Re-grind is the simple act of repairing and restoring a chimney before a rebuild is needed. Sterling Masonry has extensive experience in this technology and we recommend it in place of a rebuild when we can.

Re-grind is a great way to preserve your chimney without a complete re-build, if it's not too late. We do this in three different phases:

    1. Grind the chimney with a special diamond blade that gets into the joints about one inch. Then we wash the chimney down.
    2. We grout in a new mortar and repoint the mortar joint.
    3. We wash the chimney down again and seal the chimney with a masonry sealer.

See if a regrind is right for you by calling (978) 422-7396 and having us look at your chimney.


What your mortar joints may look like!

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